Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention

Mission Statement


To identify the fire setting behavior of youths involved in the unsanctioned and/or unsupervised use of fire, determine the motivation for the fire setting behavior, and provide prevention education/intervention and referrals if warranted for these children and their families.

This program is for children up to age 18 who have a tendency toward fire curiosity behaviors. This is available in a private setting and can be scheduled by a parent, guardian, social worker or through court mandate.

We have two certified intervention specialist on staff.

Illinois State Fire Marshal Juevenile Fire Setter

About the Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program
Juvenile Fire Setter
The Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program is a statewide standardized program to provide prevention education/intervention and referrals if warranted for the children and families of Illinois to reduce the frequency and severity of fires set by youths. Partnering with the fire service, this program provides a coordinated referral center for the assessment and treatment of youth fire setters and their families, thereby slowing down the often devastating results of fire setting. Prevention education can quell the youth fire problem, but only when properly targeted, designed, and delivered. The behaviors causing the problem must be considered because what motivates their behavior is the surest clue to solving the youth fire setting problem.

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If you are a member of the Fire Service Community and would like to become a YFIP Interventionist the link below has information about the next course and a signup form.