Public Education

Here at McHenry Township Fire Protection District we take Fire & EMS Prevention very seriously. Our programming is developed around local community risks and National standards. We have one full time fire and life safety coordinator and multiple part time instructors who assist in the public education initiatives.

Learn not to Burn

The NFPA 1st Grade Learn Not To Burn

This program is taught over the course of six weeks in most of our Districts Schools.

It covers six key safety topics such as: Smoke Alarms, Get Out & Stay Out, 911, Stop , Drop & Roll and Fire Drills

The 4th Grade Learn Not To Burn

This eight week program takes a deeper look into the lessons learned from the first grade curriculum and incorporates the science of fire, EMS prevention and disaster safety.

Students create an EDITH home fire escape plan, receive a certificate of completion from the Fire Chief and get to enjoy a visit from our ambulance, fire engine and safety smoke trailer.

This program is currently taught in majority of our District area schools.
Remembering When

Remembering When Senior Adults Fall & Fire Prevention

Remembering When is an NFPA program developed through the CDC . This program teachers on 16 key fire and fall safety messages that are commonly linked to people over the age of 65. It incorporates fun trivia questions and social interaction.  We also teach this program on an individual bases to those who are unable to attend classes due to disability.

Click here for Senior Fall Prevention info for Family, Friends, and Caregivers

Click here for Senior Fall Prevention Resources 

Fire House Station Tours

The Public is welcome to tour any of our 5 Fire Stations with a scheduled appointment. These tours last approximately 45 minutes and offer our community the opportunity to see the daily operations of a fire house, while learning about fire safety. All tours, regardless of size, must be scheduled by appointment at least two weeks in advance. 

Currently, our district kindergarten students visit our stations as part of a scheduled school field trip which sets the tone for the 1st grade Learn Not To Burn Program.

Gear Demonstrations

Often times children are afraid of the firefighter in full gear and will hide from them in an emergency situation. By offering gear demonstrations to younger children, we are able to show the children that regular people are under the gear.

Through gear demonstrations, kids are given a hands on view of what to expect should they need to be helped in an emergency. The familiarity alleviates their fears and allows us the opportunity to teach them what do if they can not escape a fire.

Block/Neighborhood Party Request For Fire Personnel Appearance

The McHenry Township Fire Protection District offers public event fire engine visits to promote public fire and life safety education.  If you are interested in having our fire engine and personnel visit your event, click on the link below, complete the form and return it to the District Office 10 days prior to your event.

Our Safety Smoke Trailer is set up with a variety of fire hazards to teach children fire safety. At the end of the demonstration, children have the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test by getting low and escaping a faux smoke filled room by using a window and rescue ladder.

Our engine demonstrations offer the public a look into the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine. We open the doors and compartments to show the tools we carry, why  and how we respond to fires. On hot days we can even spray a little water!

Station Tours

We are happy to schedule these demonstrations at community events and block parties. Block parties will require a City Permit and application for use through our District Office.

We will do our best to accommodate your event request; however, emergency calls are the District’s first priority.  Please understand if we are unable to attend your event or need to leave quickly. To ensure everyone’s safety at the event if our personnel need to respond to an emergency call, please have a safe zone for children and guests established ahead of time.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Linda Willetts at  815-669-5379 or

Block Party Request Forms
Home Safety

For information on home safety, please click here


We strive to offer quality, sustainable programming through out the Fire District. We are consistently looking for ways to offer prevention education in areas of high risk. Whether school, church, business, residential or community group, we are eager to teach on any topic associated to fire & life safety. Please feel free to contact Linda Willetts, Public Education Coordinator at 815-669-5379 or to discuss your prevention education needs or to schedule any of the above mentioned programming.

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