Part-Time Firefighter/Paramedic Testing Process

McHenry Township Fire Protection District

Part-Time Firefighter/Firefighter-Paramedic Regular and Lateral Hiring Process

The McHenry Township Fire Protection District (MTFPD) is conducting ongoing testing to develop a pool of candidates for the position of Part-Time Firefighter/Firefighter Paramedic.

Testing is being done for both Regular hiring (individuals who are not currently Firefighter/Paramedics) and Lateral hiring (individuals who are currently Firefighter/Paramedics).

 As needed the MTFPD will contact individuals from the pool of candidates to participate in the remainder of the testing process. In order to be considered for the Fall 2019 hiring, the FireTeam test, Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) with ladder climb (note – CPAT is waived for individuals that meet the requirements of the Lateral Hiring Program) must be successfully completed and the District employment application must be submitted to the MTFPD Administrative Office, 3610 W. Elm Street, McHenry by Monday, September 30, 2019 at 5:00 PM.  The Administrative Office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 5:00.

A mandatory orientation will then be held on Monday, October 7, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the classroom of MTFPD Fire Station #1, 3610 W. Elm Street, McHenry.

Important information regarding the position, minimum qualifications and the testing/hiring process can be downloaded here.

The MTFPD Application for Employment can be downloaded here.

On recommendation of the Fire Chief, part-time Firefighter/Firefighter-Paramedic positions are appointed by the Board of Trustees and are part-time, non-commissioned, non-pensioned, at-will employees of the District.  

The McHenry Township Fire Protection District utilizes the National Testing Network (NTN) for the written portion of the testing process (FireTeam test). The testing can be completed at any one of NTN’s Testing Centers.  For more information about the National Testing Network and to sign up for testing, visit the following link:  

There is a $50 one-time application fee to establish an account with the National Testing Network. Candidates who have financial hardship can apply for assistance through NTN.  

Newly hired part-time Firefighters who do not possess First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, and Basic Operations Firefighter certifications will be sent by the MTFPD to those courses at McHenry County College.  As part of an Initial Training Agreement, individuals are responsible for the cost of course tuition and textbooks for these courses and will then be reimbursed over a defined period of time by the MTFPD.  Complete and detailed information will be provided at the candidate orientation session. 

Additional updates will be posted on the MTFPD website at

All information and requirements are subject to change by the MTFPD.